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Seattle-based黑尔斯基凭借新宣布的交易,正在加快其卫星的地理空间智能平台的商业运营National Reconnaissance OfficeandHawkeye 360​​.是一家在轨道上有自己的无线电传感卫星的公司。

今天两次交易都与之宣布GEOINT Symposiumin San Antonio.

一个协议打开了Blacksky以利用基于Virginia的Hawkeye 360​​的形成 - 飞行卫星星座的信号检测数据在其自身的基于Web的分析服务中。射频数据将在从Blacksky的全球全球星座中截取的其他波长的读数补充,以获得地球观察以及各种其他卫星。

“This is a very unique offering that provides key markets such as defense, maritime and emergency response, with a new layer of high-impact geospatial intelligence,” BlackSky CEO Brian O’Toolesaid in a news release。“Being able to access and visualize this data, fuse it with other data sets, and analyze it within one platform is incredibly valuable.”

Hawkeye 360​​的创始人和首席技术官Chris Demay表示,合并的数据集将特别方便地追踪非法捕捞,违反贸易制裁和人口贩运等活动。

“By integrating HawkEye 360’s RF data into the黑尔斯基平台,用户可以割草船只,谁试图“走黑暗”和提示黑尔斯基卫星用于额外的非法活动证据,“他说。“Hawkeye很兴奋黑尔斯基to provide time-dominant, multi-intelligence global awareness services.”

Today’s other deal highlights the potential applications for integrated geospatial intelligence: BlackSky announced that it has been awarded an NRO study contract to provide commercial satellite imagery.


Maxar Technologies和Planet还收到了商业图像学习合同,the NRO said in a news release。合同将用于评估提供商的绩效能力,并验证其在2023年时间范围内满足美国的能力。NRO表示预期在2020年代后期开始新一轮的商业意象采购。

“For close to a decade, Maxar (DigitalGlobe) has supported our national security mission,” said Troy Meink, director of the NRO’s Geospatial Intelligence Directorate. “And now we are pleased to expand our commercial partnerships with the addition of BlackSky Global and Planet, both of which offer exciting new capabilities.”

在单独的新闻稿中, BlackSky’s O’Toole said being selected by the NRO “validates how BlackSky has quickly become a trusted partner of providing mission-critical global intelligence.”

“We’re combining high-revisit satellite imaging with a unique analytic solution for site monitoring, all at a price point not seen before with traditional providers,” O’Toole said. “We look forward to building a long-term partnership with the NRO and continuing our support of the U.S. government’s existing and emerging security and intelligence needs.”

黑尔斯基, a subsidiary of Seattle’s Spaceflight Industries, says it officially began commercial operations in early May after completing several significant on-orbit milestones for its first two Earth-imaging spacecraft, Global-1 and Global-2. The company is due to launch Global-3 and Global-4 in the coming months, and plans to launch four more satellites later this year.

“Now that we have fully integrated our constellation with our global intelligence platform and ground station network, we are delivering mission-critical imaging and analytic solutions to our customers,” O’Toole said.

With eight satellites, BlackSky expects to deliver imagery from more than five revisits per day over many sites of interest. BlackSky plans to have more than 16 Global satellites in orbit by the end of next year, which should double the revisit rate and provide time-sensitive satellite data with low latency.

Update for 7:50 a.m. PT June 4:We’ve updated this report with additional information from the NRO.


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