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SpailFlight SSO-A发射
One of Spaceflight’s most notable projects was the launch of 64 satellites aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in December 2018. (SpaceX Photo)

Japan’s三井&Co。,与...合作亚马萨有限公司,已完成基于西雅图的收购SpaceFlight Inc.from its parent company,太空行业

今天宣布交易完成后续2月份宣布销售for an undisclosed amount. Spaceflight Industries’ other subsidiary,黑人全球,不是交易的一部分,并将继续作为私人举行的公司与西雅图和埃尔宁省的办事处。

太空行业also has a 50% share inLeostella.是一家基于Tukwila的卫星制造公司洗车。该合资企业的其他一半由麦芽县空间是一家法国意大利航空航天公司。

三井和Yamasa will similarly split ownership of Spaceflight Inc. as a 50-50 joint venture, operating independently with its headquarters remaining in Seattle.

The sale brings a parting of the ways for Spaceflight Inc., which focuses on arranging launch services for rideshare satellites; and BlackSky, which is building a satellite constellation for Earth observation and provides geospatial data analysis tools.

“The funds secured through this transaction will be reinvested in BlackSky to capitalize on what we see is an expanding market opportunity in global monitoring,” Brian O’Toole, president of Spaceflight Industries and CEO of BlackSky,在新闻发布中说


“The completion of this deal is an exciting step for Spaceflight,”Blake said in a news release。“加入高增长的Mitsui&Co.PORTFOLIO SPACEFLIGHT来提供和扩展我们提供的综合发射服务。”



SpaceFlight the first space venture acquired by Mitsui,日本最大的企业集团之一。Mitsui的物业包括食品和饮料公司,银行和保险公司,矿业公司和重工业。

“航天做出了显著贡献space industry, pushing boundaries and achieving great success making rideshare a credible and reliable option for smallsat launches,” said Tomohiro Musha, a general manager in Mitsui’s transportation and machinery business unit. “The acquisition of this industry leader will allow us to expand our business in exciting new ways.”

Over the past seven years, Spaceflight has made arrangements for 271 satellites flying on 29 launches, most notably including a64-satellite mission that made use of a dedicated SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket2018年。它也参与了建立以色列制造的Beresheet Lunar Lander推出在a different Falcon 9 in 2019.

One of Spaceflight Inc.’s steady customers has been BlackSky. Launch arrangements forfirst卫星in BlackSky’s Global constellation were all made through Spaceflight, working with the Indian Space Research Organization, SpaceX and Rocket Lab.

During an interview last month, O’Toole told GeekWire that there’ll be more emphasis on the BlackSky brand and less emphasis on the Spaceflight Industries brand going forward. “We’ll have a little transition period there, but you’ll primarily be hearing about BlackSky, and we’re not going to get into another complex kind of holding-company messaging,” he said.

在收购宣布和最终确定的时间之间,该交易必须通过联邦政府的审查美国外国投资委员会。The committee signed off on the terms of the deal in April.

最终确定这笔交易也取决于Intelsat working out a complex arrangement分发SpaceFlight Inc.的销售收益。Intelsat,目前经历第11章破产程序,提供Blacksky与5000万美元的融资last November. Space Intel Report said the U.S. bankruptcy court本周清除了财务安排

Although they’re no longer owned by the same holding company, BlackSky and Spaceflight Inc. will continue to do business together. Four BlackSky satellites aredue to be launched by India’s SSLV rocketlater this year.

But the two companies are also free to go their own way. Two BlackSky satellites are scheduled to go into orbitcourtesy of SpaceX— which now has its ownrideshare launch program



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