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Amazonfiled a pre-emptive lawsuit Friday morning反对纽约律师佩特蒂亚詹姆斯,捍卫其Covid-19在史丹岛和皇后区的主要设施的回应,N.Y.以及全国各地。该公司批评AG办事处提出的补救措施作为“过高的需求”,称其导致对其工作条件和安全预防措施的缺陷评估。

纽约AG的回应:在一份声明中, James called Amazon’s suit “a sad attempt to distract from the facts and shirk accountability for its failures to protect hardworking employees from a deadly virus,” vowing not to be intimidated by “corporate bullies that put profits over the health and safety of working people.”

“Throughout this pandemic, Amazon employees have been forced to work in unsafe conditions, all while the company and its CEO made billions off of their backs,” James says in the statement.

亚马逊的目标:公司是询问美国地区法院纽约东区for a declaration that the state AG lacks authority to regulate workplace safety conditions governed by federal law, or to take action over claims that the company retaliated against workers who protested over those conditions.


  • 它涉及两个亚马逊工人,基督徒的小型和井架帕尔默,他谈到了亚马逊巨头JFK8履行中心的安全条件
  • Amazon fired Smalls but insists it was due to him breaking safety protocols by putting other workers at risk to COVID-19 during a walkout after he was told to quarantine.
  • The dispute was fueled by泄露的备忘录其中亚马逊总法律顾问大卫Zapolsky批评小于“不聪明或表达”,其中Zapolsky后来道歉。

亚马逊挑战AG的行为时机:公司的诉讼詹姆斯说公开谴责the firing of Smalls hours after it happened, without investigating. Later, the suit says, the AG’s preliminary assessment against the company “did not mention the New York City Sheriff’s Office’s findings that Amazon went ‘above and beyond’ applicable compliance requirements and that complaints to the contrary were ‘baseless,’ or include any other facts favorable to Amazon.”


  • 要求亚马逊“讨厌”的利润,补贴公共巴士服务,降低其生产速度和性能要求。
  • Ordering the company to “pay large sums to Mr. Smalls and Mr. Palmer for ’emotional distress.’ “
  • 使公司聘请健康和安全顾问,并采用安全政策,该公司表示已实施。


安全须知:许多亚马逊的64页投诉details its COVID-19 response, including the creation of它自己的Covid-19测试能力;指某东西的用途电脑视觉技术to reinforce social distancing; and implementation of extensive health and safety measures in consultation with experts.


  • Mail-in voting began this week努力在公司在贝塞姆勒,阿拉的公司设施形成一个工会。,公司迄今为止面临的最大工会化车。投票将在3月底结束。
  • Amazon is increasingly将其履行和分销网络扩展到该国的农村地区, including Delivery Stations for last-mile package delivery, increasingly supplementing and potentially supplanting UPS and the U.S. Postal Service in more areas.
  • Announcing它的第四季度结果上周 - 包括72亿美元的利润,一年前的利润超过了两倍,亚马逊表示,在过去的一年里,它已将其履行和物流网络的平方英尺增加了50%。

值得注意的统计数据:亚马逊857,388平方英尺1亿美元斯塔伦岛的JFK8履行中心相当于15个以上的足球场,该公司在其诉讼中表示,寻求说明它已经保证了工人安全的长度at the massive facility.

Amazon’s full lawsuit这里可用。

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