What’ll be the playlist for the robot takeover? (Bigstock Illustration / © mast3r)

As he turns from a Foo Fighters tune to the Smashing Pumpkins, Andy sounds just like your typical alternative-rock DJ — but his tag line is positively inhuman.

“是否曾经觉得您的一天只需要一枪的镜头?好吧,这就是我们在这里的目的 - 帮助将皱眉颠倒的皱眉扭转并把表盘摇到11。”他说。“是的,我可能是一个机器人,但我仍然喜欢摇滚。”

机器人参考不仅是对他罐装的DJ陈词滥调的点头:从某种意义上说,安迪确实是一个机器人 -ANDY, orArtificialNEuralDisk JockeY。And thanks to Seattle-basedWellSaid Labsand超级高保真安迪(Andy)是位于洛杉矶的一家以AI为中心的制作公司,很快就会来到您附近的流媒体音乐服务。

“Super Hi-Fi’s AI has the same skills as a seasoned on-air DJ,” Zack Zalon, Super Hi-Fi’s co-founder and CEO, told GeekWire in an email. “The AI can select the right content for any moment, stitch the content in seamlessly with other content or music, and output that as a fully produced listening experience.”

Wellsaid Labs的语音合成软件使Andy的声音与肉体和血液DJ的声音如此难以区分。

“Our best-in-class text-to-speech tech, delivered with Super Hi-Fi’s sophisticated automated production, creates new possibilities in streaming audio, radio, digital fitness, audio news, retail marketing and beyond,” WellSaid CEO Matt Hocking said today in a news release.

Check out these sound samples, starting with安迪的介绍:

Now it’s time for that littleshot of pick-me-up:

Andy在音频剪辑上的即兴演奏从“ 2001:太空漫游”:

是时候进行广告(这是一个fake ad,带有删除的电话数字):

Signing off for the day:“相同的人造时间,相同的人造渠道”:

WellSaid Labs was从西雅图艾伦人工智能研究所旋转在2019年,其使命是将人工智能软件商业化,该软件使任何人都可以创建自定义的超现实语音化身。因此,该冒险进入雷达屏幕上的超级高保真只是时间问题。

“Companies like Sonos, Peloton, iHeart and others use Super Hi-Fi to enable automated production,” Zalon said. “In fact, we are already doing over 1 billion commercial AI ‘decisions’ every single month.”

超级高保真’s software can weave together songs, interviews, DJ voice tracks, sound effects, weather reports and news breaks to create unified listening experiences for its customers. “The fantastic thing about WellSaid is the realism of their voices, so we can now produce spoken content faster than real time for use across any of these produced experiences,” Zalon said.

Zalon said the partnership with WellSaid is so new that “we haven’t announced a joint customer yet that’s using both of our respective services together.”


Although ANDY is the name for the avatar that WellSaid created in collaboration with Super Hi-Fi, not every Andy needs to sound alike.

“As with any WellSaid avatar, they can be tailored to reflect regional accents and any language,” Martin Ramirez, WellSaid’s head of growth, told GeekWire in an email. “The personality, tone and texture of the voice is designed for the particular content it is intended for. In the case of radio, for example, you can think of the stylistic nuances between a classical music station vs. a heavy-metal one.”

Wellsaid的Hocking表示:“任何客户都可以拥有整个AI DJ团队的独特内容体验。”


“We like to think of this as an opportunity to expand possibilities, not just an opportunity to save money,” he said. “Yes, there’s certainly an efficiency advantage when you’re talking about massive voice needs and huge production requirements. But the goal is more around providing music services with capabilities that they’ve never had before.”


It’s even possible to create an AI narrator that sounds like a voice from the past or the present — for example,Orson Welles narrating a sequel to “War of the Worlds,”或arobotic Ryan Seacrest running through the Top 40

“We’d love to explore this,” Hocking said, “of course only with the explicit consent and involvement of the person or their trusted estate, ensuring that they have transparency into not only the process of creating the AI voice avatar, but also how the AI is intended to be used and who is using it.”


That being said, Ryan Seacrest might appreciate having an AI stand-in on hand.


这是一个新时代的黎明在音频,还是cautionary signal for living, breathing voice talent? As Andy might say in a synthesized signoff … stay tuned.

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