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The wireless thermometer and kitchen timer from Combustion Inc. (Combustion Inc. Photo)

克里斯杨took the temperature on current kitchen innovation and decided the time was right to get back to the business of inventing devices to make home cooks smarter and food taste better.

The longtime chef and onetime co-founder and CEO of high-tech Seattle cooking startup ChefSteps, Young is moving beyond theSous视频热潮和the “Joule” device he created利用它。年轻的新公司被称为Combustion Inc.and the first product is a smart thermometer and timer for better gauging when food is perfectly cooked — no water needed, no meat submerged in a plastic bag.

“If you can really understand time and temperature and how to manage it, it’s like a cheat code for better cooking,” said Young, who previously collaborated with former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold, the Intellectual Ventures chief, on the epicModernist Cuisine cookbook。Young started ChefSteps in 2012 and it was由厨具巨头Breville Group获得in July 2019.




A cook looking to make a medium rare steak at around 135 degrees Fahrenheit can set that temperature on the accompanying timer. The probe transmits its readings to the timer via Bluetooth, including when the steak should come off a grill and how long it should rest before it’s really done.


There’s no need to fumble with a smartphone app or connect to the internet — although Combustion Inc. will have that tech, too.





(Combustion Inc.照片)

The Combustion Inc. thermometer won’t be alone in the market of smart devices trying to offer a better digital read on food temps. But Young said thermometers from Yummly and Meater, for instance, are failing to gather all the necessary information for a perfect meal.

“We’re trying to make a thermometer that nobody’s made before. We’re trying to make it a third smaller than all the other thermometers on the market that honestly feel a bit like jamming a pencil into your food,” Young said. “It’s got to survive the grill, it’s got to survive the dishwasher, the deep fryer. It sounds simple, but making electronics happy at 300 degrees Celsius is not easy.”

亚博体育提现不出来大约有20个全球分布的人为Combustion Inc.提供了贡献,包括一些员工,自由职业者,人们年轻人在厨房和其他人致力于烹饪或硬件设计工作。



用硬件制作它并不容易,并且在厨房里,厨师并不孤单地陷入困境。西雅图的Sansaire关闭了during development of its ownSous视频device in 2018.

But, to borrow a cooking term, Young said his career innovating in the kitchen “wasn’t quite done.” He felt there was an opportunity to do some new things and take steps toward building back his community, making practical products that solve real problems.

“在一定的意义上,这个产品是对我所有的朋友发短信给我的朋友的回应,”我该怎么做这件事?或者这个温度是多少?“年轻人说。“有一些指导你获得结果的东西,就像我可以获得20年的专业烹饪经验一样好 - 我觉得那种真棒。”

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