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Google-Dell Chromebook企业设备。(Google照片)

新号码显示2020年是Chromebooks Outsold Mac的第一年,以窗户为代价发布令人印象深刻的市场份额。以前由Google Chrome OS提供支持的计算机在各个季度之前具有外销苹果计算机,但2020年是Chrome OS所占用的第一个全年。微软的Windows仍然保留了多数市场份额,但也占据了Chrome OS和MacoS获得的份额。

The milestone is based on numbers provided by IDC, which doesn’t typically break out sales based on device operating system. But when we went looking to see how the pandemic may have impacted the PC market, IDC analyst Mike Shirer confirmed the findings to GeekWire. (We also contacted Gartner but that firm does not include Chromebooks in its traditional PC market results.)

这对谷歌和苹果和微软的警告是一个很大的胜利。它还发出到应用程序和游戏开发人员,即Chrome OS无法再忽略。坦率地说,在互联网上提供产品或服务的任何业务都应留出资源,以确保Chrome OS体验与Windows和MacOS相媲美。亚博体育官方网


In Q1 2020, Apple and Google were neck-and-neck: Windows grabbed 87.5% market share, macOS took 5.8%, and Chrome OS captured 5.3%. But in Q2 2020, Windows fell to 81.7%, macOS grew to 7.6%, and Chrome OS jumped to 10.0%.

Q3 2020 and Q4 2020 confirmed the trend: Windows dropped further to 78.9% for Q3 and then 76.7% for Q4; macOS grew to 8.4% for Q3 and then fell back to 7.7% for Q4, while Chrome OS had 11.5% for Q3 and then 14.4% share for Q4. The Q4 results are particularly notable as the fourth quarter tends to be the biggest for PC shipments. While macOS widened its lead over Chrome OS in Q4 2019, Chrome OS came roaring back in Q4 2020.


  • Windows:下跌4.9分,从2019年的85.4%到2020年的80.5%
  • Chrome OS.: Up 4.4 points, from 6.4% in 2019 to 10.8% in 2020
  • MACOS:上涨0.8分,从2019年的6.7%到2020年的7.5%

Three quarters in a row of Chrome OS above macOS makes a trend. It’s safe to say that Chromebooks from PC makers like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo now outsell Apple’s range of desktop Macs and laptop MacBooks. That said, 2020 was not a typical year.


After years of bad news, PC shipments sawgrowth in 2019, only to have the coronavirus pandemic cut the celebration short inQ1 2020。由于中国的Covid-19爆发(世界上最大的PC供应商),PC供应受到了击中,导致年度最严峻的下滑。然后Q2 2020and the rest of the year, supply constraints were addressed and the rise in work from home and distance learning drove PC demand from businesses and consumers alike.

The pandemic is an accelerant of tech trends. Chrome OS has been growing over the past few years so it’s not shocking that it is growing even faster in 2020. The question is: Will that growth continue, and will it come at Windows’ expense? While PC shipments are up across the board, it’s telling that macOS has also been gaining share while Windows fell below the 80% threshold for the first time in decades (in the past two quarters, though it was still above 80% for the year).

Chrome OS挑战Windows的低成本笔记本电脑市场的主导地位是传统PC销售的更大反弹的一部分,以及Microsoft Shifted为何的部分原因Windows 10x最初在单屏设备上首次亮相

Until the pandemic, Chrome OS’ success was largely limited to U.S. schools. Demand in 2020 appears to have expanded beyond that small but critical part of the U.S. PC market. Over the coming months, we’ll find out whether Chrome OS’ gains are limited to U.S. schools, the U.S. at large, schools worldwide, or whether Google’s low-cost laptops are making inroads everywhere. Expect Apple and Microsoft to adjust their respective strategies accordingly.

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