在华盛顿大学护理学院推出的训练委员会,培养其他UW学生和能够帮助Covid-19疫苗接种的学院。(Kiyomi Taguchi /华盛顿大学照片)

一种s Washington residents struggle to sign up for COVID-19 vaccinations, a volunteer team of software engineers has created an online solution.COVIDWA.COM提供提供疫苗接种和注意到的网站列表。

The team launched the site yesterday, after starting the effort last week. It currently serves all of King County, which includes Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond, and is adding additional counties as quickly as possible. COVIDWA.COM should cover all of Washington by next Tuesday.

“我们都深深地欣赏了能够在前线产生差异的工人。我无法治愈Covid,但我可以帮助人们获得他们需要保护自己的信息,“努力和退休的Microsoft员工的项目经理Maureen O'Hara说。

On Wednesday the team had 20 members, and that number was up to 30 by Thursday. The volunteers include many current and former Microsoft employees and engineers affiliated with the University of Washington’s Bothell campus.


“DOH is familiar with these efforts and we think it is a good service to Washingtonians,” said department spokesperson Shelby Anderson, by email. “We’ve reached out to the developers to invite them to work closer with us.”


To create the platform, the volunteers pooled the cloud storage that they individually had available and they’re buying the needed software on their own. The site is ready to handle the anticipated volume of users, the team said.

主动开始乔治胡是一名前微软员工和兼职大学教练。他努力为他的老年人进行疫苗接种任命,并思考创造一个数字解决方案。胡锦涛与麻省理工学院软件工程学生Darren Lim达成,他已经融合了。胡还通过社交媒体提出了志愿者。

与此同时,软件工程师Olga Illarionova开始了一个家庭哈帕顿创建Covid调度网站。Illarionova和她的丈夫德米特里遇到了胡锦涛的努力,群体加入了。

Screen shot of the COVID WA page. Click to enlarge.

Dan Morris, a Microsoft engineer, signed on and is helping lead the project.Kirsten Andrews以前在Microsoft,Skype和其他人工作,是Covidwa.com的项目和通信经理。

“Many of us have been wondering how we can do more than just social distance and stay safe,” Morris said in a statement. “This initiative provided an opportunity for tech workers give their skills, helping us get through this trying time.”

There are other, similar全国各地的努力奥哈拉表示,他们的团队正在与他们合作和分享想法。

华盛顿州is delivering an average more than 26,000 doses a day, and more than 10% of the population has received an initial dose.



  • Week of Feb. 14: 206,125 total doses (113,800 first doses, 92,325 second doses)
  • 2月21日:240,620次(123,160次,117,460秒剂量)
  • 2月28日:242,360天内剂量(128,560次,113,800秒剂量)


一种recent study由弗雷德·哈钦森癌症研究中心的研究人员预计将在来年预测国王县的潜在感染率和Covid死亡。达到更高水平的疫苗接种是最小化所谓的第四波感染的关键。

People interested in volunteering with the COVIDWA.COM project can contact the program through their website.

编辑注意:This story has been updated to clarify the relationship between COVIDWA.COM and the Washington Department of Health.

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