任天堂has announced a new施法游戏,一个新的角色超级粉碎兄弟终极,它的新条目Mario Golfseries, and more, in its first major news broadcast in over a year.


While Nintendo has offered a few “Mini-Directs” throughout the last year, focused on single specific games, it hasn’t had one of its full-length Directs since2019年9月

It broke that streak on Wednesday afternoon, however, with a massive blast of gaming news that covers much of the next few months. However, Nintendo was careful to note at the start of the new Direct that due to COVID-19, none of its release dates should be considered final.

直接开始强大,为下一个可下载的战斗机带来惊喜挑选超级粉碎兄弟Ultimatecast. This time, it’sPyra,一种称为a的人工生命形式Blade,来自Nintendo的2017年RPGXenoBlade Chronicles 2.。In addition to her sword— if you’re going to get invited to粉碎,it really helps if you’ve got a sword — and an arsenal of magical attacks, Pyra can transform at will into her “sister,” Mythra, who has what appears to be an entirely different set of moves.

像其他一样粉碎DLC字符,Pyra与她自己的舞台加入游戏,坐落在飞行的龙后面Azurda, where many of the other characters fromXC2are in the background. She’s planned for a release in March, and if she’s priced like other粉碎战士,将花费5.99美元。

任天堂also announced a new entry in theMario Golf自2014年以来一直在中断的系列世界巡游在3DS上,自2003年游戏库以来并未在非便携式控制台上。在Mario Golf: Super Rush, you can play as characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Wario, and Waluigi in a series of laid-back golf matches. You can play with a traditional Switch gamepad, or hold the Switch’s JoyCon controllers as you would a golf club and use its motion controls to hit your ball.

New additions for超级匆忙包括一个故事模式,您可以根据自己创建一个MII,以便进入蘑菇王国高尔夫电路作为一个有才华的新秀和速度高尔夫球,而玩家通过同时通过每个洞扮演每个洞,在展览会上互相赛跑。这是6月25日首次亮相的暂定安排。

(Square Enix图像)

Square Enix provided a first look at项目三角战略,交换机上的新战术RPG的工作标题,计划在2022年释放。在直接结束后立即在交换机的eShop上下载演示。

似乎瞄准了长期休闲分档系列的粉丝Final Fantasy Tactics,标题的“三角形”是基于特定道德轴的系统。当你通过战争的幻想王国的故事时,你是任务的决定,使你与三个哲学之一对齐:效用,道德或自由。你坚持的那些哲学中的哪些哲学将决定故事的位置,你能为你的军队招募谁。

任天堂的Eiji Aonuma开始努力塞尔达的传说系列与1998年Ocarina of Time。(任天堂截图)

有点戏弄,艾吉奥诺穆玛,长期运行的生产者塞尔达的传说任天堂系列,被带到屏幕......宣布没有什么可以宣布Breath of the Wild 2,Nintendo 2017年粉碎的即将举行的续集。




塞尔达的传说:Skyward Sword HD,播放开关leit。(任天堂截图)

天空之剑,哪个Aonuma描述为后来投入的各种系统的测试平台Breath of the Wild,将与一系列专门设计的Joycon控制器一起发货,用链接主剑的商标颜色方案制作。



Other announcements from the newest Nintendo Direct include:

  • CAPCOM的怪物Hunter Rise继续走路走向日本的统治;该系列传统上在那里非常受欢迎,在其他地方只是非常流行。上升,交换机独家,将沿着特殊的豪华版交换机发货,该开关附带的游戏数字副本和特殊怪物Hunter- 精制的油漆工作。
  • 任天堂正在进行的35周年庆典超级马里奥特许经营继续添加多个马里奥主题物品动物横穿:新的视野,包括马里奥,路易吉和桃子的服装。你可以装饰你的岛屿以匹配Mario世界的美学,包括添加到两个经线管道,让您传送到遥远的地区。
  • 3ds rpg.MIITOPIA., which let you turn you and your friends’ player-created Mii avatars into various characters in a fantasy kingdom, is heading to the Switch on May 21. New features include makeup and wigs for your Miis, as well as the ability to befriend and recruit a horse.
  • 去年的独立击中Hades计划于3月19日在交换机上进行物理释放。它将带有32页的全彩艺术书,以及来自游戏的两个半小时的原始音乐的下载码。
  • A new stylish first-person shooter from the third-party developer Annapurna Interactive,霓虹白,让你参与刺客团队的角色,派往整个天堂大厅的战斗。
  • 世界末日俱乐部,一个新的“逃生室” - 来自制造商的游戏零逃生,陷阱一群在水下题材公园的学生。当他们设法出来时,他们必须穿过一个看似荒凉的日本,找到一个回家的路。与过去的游戏不同,世界末日俱乐部在强调侧面滚动动作游戏,而不是简单的决策。
  • 受欢迎的团队射手顶点传奇is coming to the Switch on March 9. Like every other version of the game, it will be free to play.
  • 晦涩的1997 playstation rpg佐贺边疆已为交换机(4月15日)重新制作,具有新的内容,包括新的播放主角。(交换机真的变成了生活中的第二次机会很多老,奇怪的日本游戏。)
  • Koei Tecmo has complied all three of the Xbox忍者戈登游戏进入一个释放,忍者戈登Master Collection(6月10日),包含所有游戏的DLC选项。忍者戈登在20世纪200年代是作为最刻意的市场上最具挑战性的比赛之一,并对这一天产生了强烈影响。
  • A near-forgotten Xbox game from 2005 is suddenly being rereleased on the Switch.僵尸在反叛中没有脉冲(March 16),a comedy-horror game about transforming all the humans in the city of Punchbowl into the members of your zombie army, was the product of Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian’s Wideload Games. A sequel was planned, but Wideload was bought by Disney in 2009 and shut down in 2014, leaving支柱在,呃,懒散。
  • For the first time, Nintendo is remaking and releasing two of the games in its NES adventure seriesFamicom侦探俱乐部in North America. Described as two “deep cuts from Nintendo history,” originally published in 1988 for the Japan-only Family Computer Disk System,失踪的继承人站在后面的女孩(5月14日)是在日本举办的紧张谋杀谋杀灭蚊器。
  • 蚱蜢制造没有更多的英雄3,a terminally weird series about the misanthropic assassin Travis Touchdown, is planned for release on the Switch on Aug. 27.