即将到来的西雅图恐怖RPG的瑞典发行商,吸血鬼:化妆舞会 - 血统2,已opted to remove Seattle’s Hardsuit Labs as the project’s lead developer.

尽管血液2已not been canceled, work on it will be continued by an unspecified new third-party studio, and it’s no longer planned to launch this year. This marks the second major delay for血液2,这是去年8月推迟到2021年

The news comes from Paradox Interactive’syear-end report for 2020, which was released Tuesday morning.

Paradox,出版商血液2,owned the licensing rightsto theVampire: The Masquerade桌面游戏自2015年以来,以及一个在Hardsuit Labs中有33%的股份。它也是众所周知的博彩爱好者,因为它的阵容是臭名昭着的复杂的“大战略”游戏,例如去年Crusader Kings III.Empire of Sin

Like several other big gaming companies in the last few weeks, Paradox’s year-end report tells a familiar story. It calls 2020 the “best year in Paradox’s history,” with record revenue and a huge influx of new players, but a year later, it’s turned out to be a double-edged sword.


“We have also decided that Hardsuit Labs will no longer be leading the development of血统2,“在报告中写了eBba ljungerud,Paradox Ceo,“我们已经开始与新的Studio合作伙伴合作,以完成游戏的工作。”

悖论后来通过官员确认了这一公告血液2Twitter账户,承诺在“尽快”之后的承诺。Hardsuit Labs本身尚未发表评论。

Formed in 2015 as Builder Box Games, by veterans of the closed Zombie Studios, Hardsuit’s previous project was the cyberpunk FPSBlacklight: Retribution

Vampire: The Masqueradewas originally a tabletop game, first published in 1991 by the Atlanta-based company White Wolf.Vampire是一个叫做黑暗世界的共享宇宙中的旗舰游戏,一个凄凉的哥特式在现实世界里旋转,许多超自然怪物非常真实,几乎没有隐藏着普通的人性。


血液2was2019年3月宣布回来, with several of the original血统作家们在Hardsuit Labs旁边回来工作。它立即击中了许多爱好者最常见的名单的顶峰,尽管传言仍然存在自去年的幕后幕后问题,其发展问题。

Paradox acquired White Wolf from its previous owners,Eve Onlinedeveloper CCP, in 2015, and gained the rights to all the games in the World of Darkness along with it. After a臭名昭着的2018年尝试被白人狼恢复原来的桌面洞穴ing, Paradox has instead opted to commission several video games based on the World of Darkness, including the recent release狼人:天启 - 土壤。出于某种原因,两者都是Earthblood血液2are explicitly set in Washington state.

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